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May 2013

Work From Home

Do You Have A Plan From Your Work From Home?   It is true that you can set your own hours, when you have a job work from home, but that does not mean you do not have to have set work hours.   The ‘unpredictable’ working hours … or rather, the lack of any... Read More

Successful People

Learn How to Get Things Done, How Successful People.    What is Successful People, Attitude is one of the things I have seen in all successful people who earn more money that I have observed. And so is based on “what attracted you received”, or “will receive in the future that you draw in this.”... Read More

Network Marketing

The Differences Between Network Marketing And Pyramid Network Marketing is a distribution system or a form of marketing that drives legitimate goods and services with commercial value, directly from the manufacturer to the consumer through a network of independent distributors. The shape: There are major distributors and attacked mediating the manufacturer of the product and... Read More


Do not Work For Money-Work To Learning One of the reasons the rich get richer, the poor poorer and the middle class struggles with debt is that it is not money or taught at home or in school. Many of us learn about money from our parents. What can one say about the poor father... Read More

What Are Your Goals?

by Vitor Ferreira on

in Personal Development

Your Goals

His Goals, Setting  Your Goals.   When starting any business, must always define what are the objectives we seek to achieve. Knowing the purpose of an activity allows, among other things, flexibility in application and also to identify which actions are wasted effort. And then once you want something or want to reach another state,... Read More

Financial Independence

Take action right now already!   And here are some tips that were and will help you achieve your goals within 8 months!    And this way, Have A Thought in the long term. Do not just think about earning “enough“.   So you need to think long term and build a business that is... Read More

Network Marketing

Perfect Opportunity In Network Marketing “MLM”   The Network Marketing MLM is very popular today and more and more companies using the MLM structure to promote and sell their products and services is difficult to decide which to join or promote.   Thus, if you are looking for a company of Network Marketing is essential... Read More