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November 2013

Plan Of Action

(Very Important That!) Write A Plan Of Action   Just a quick story for you: In the 1950s, there was a study done at Harvard University, where the students were questioned about who had goals.   Not surprisingly, virtually all said they did. They were then asked how many had actually put these goals in... Read More


Blogging , Powerful Internet Marketing Tactics   Internet marketing tactics that can help build a community , to drive leads , share vision, increase communication and increase website traffic.   A successful blog is rich in compelling content that is designed for a specific market . Moreover, it is a great tool to improve your... Read More

Your Intelligence

A Higher Intelligence   Here is the point of greatest practical application of all the material. It’s where we transform knowledge into skill. This is where we answer the question: what can I do to expand my intelligence, my ability to choose and get results? The way a higher intelligence is learning, seen as the... Read More

One Of My Secret`s

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Today I will talk about The Secret To My Success.   In fact I would like to talk about so much that I do not know where to start .   I think the best is to start step by step. In reality , step by step is one of my secrets to success .... Read More

Conflict Management

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Conflict Management

Conflicts Exist Since The Beginning Of Humanity   Are part of the evolution of humans process and are necessary for the development and growth of any family, social, political and organizational system. You can think of several alternatives for individuals and groups deal with conflict. These can be ignored or muted, or healed and transformed... Read More

Learning Strategies

From Learning Strategies   Why do not always know so many things that we can do internally? The answer to the above question is that when we do something well, we need not be paying attention to as we do. And if we’re not paying attention to something, it becomes unconscious. What you need to... Read More