5 Tips How Blogging With Success

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BloggingInternet marketing tactics that can help build a community , to drive leads , share vision, increase communication and increase website traffic.


A successful blog is rich in compelling content that is designed for a specific market .

Moreover, it is a great tool to improve your search engine


A corporate blog to the public.

Objective: a tool for the company to convey its message, create a dialogue on a topic , industry insight parties , and generate contacts .


Before you start your blog , you should clearly identify the purpose and who your audience is .

And finally, do not underestimate the time it takes to maintain a blog .



Tip # 1 : Choose the right platform


Blogging is an excellent way to start conversations with your prospects .

There are several platforms out there , and some of them come with the unique communities that can provide you with early exposure .


EmpowerNetWork ( Login here ) is an example .
It has an easy blogging platform can have high yields with this plantaforma .

If you prefer to go it alone , we recommend WordPress which comes either as a hosted service ( http://www.wordpress.com/ ) and open source platform that can be installed on your own server ( http:// www.wordpress . org / ) .


WordPress is a great solution , because the self-hosted option can be completely customized and has a huge network of designers and developers constantly improving the platform .



Tip # 2 : Win Some content before posting


This tip is a little more subtle , but it’s a good idea to build a few posts before you start bragging about your blog . Write at least 7-10 messages in order to establish some history to your blog .

If you start to heavily promote a new blog , people can be postponed.



Tip # 3 : Content is king Nothing is more valuable than writing high quality content .


This is the first and most important part of creating and maintaining a successful blog . The power of your blog is at your fingertips .


The more people that find your content interesting , the more they will share it , the more links will direct people to your website, the more traffic you’ll get.

Make sure your posts are interesting to your target market .


Messages about tips , useful tools , lessons learned , case studies , relevant news and industry trends can be very useful for the readers .


Identity of your blog is extremely important. In other words , resist writing about things not related to the main theme of your blog .

Not diversifying the content of your blog too , otherwise people will lose interest .


Tip # 4 : Make it easy for readers to share your content


If a user likes what you wrote in your blog , they may want to share it , however , if they can not share it in a couple of clicks , so you probably will not bother.

Do not forget to add a click buttons so that users can share content on your favorite networks ( ie , email , Facebook Like , Twitter Tweet , etc. . )



Tip # 5 : Participate in other communities , blogs and forums.


Online communities are designed to be social.

Join the conversation , share your experiences , and use social media as a conversation rather than a transmission medium (more in our section of Social Media ) .


If you’re in the wine business , identify the top wine blogs and participate in their communities .

This interaction will increase their knowledge brand names while you learn with others.


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