Blogging Formula With Success

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The  Blogging Formula Tips With Success


Blogging FormulaCertain things are important to the formula of blogging :


  •     Do you have a blog .
  •     You have a list of ideas to post on your blog .
  •     Do you have a plan , editorial calendar , the plan of action .
  •     Have you researched the validity of these ideas for SEO purposes .


Once these four things are in place , then you are ready to blog .

 Search Topics available ideas to get you started .

Blgging Formula

Look at your list of ideas . Choose one that you have not yet used .

 Do not put boring topics , people do not fall asleep.


The title of the blog post must be direct , arouse curiosity . Make sure that it is punchy , relevant and keyword rich .

 And in this way helps to make it clickable .


Describe your blog .


Several people begins with the title , the other with the body of the content . The important thing here is to do!


Why is it important for your readers?


 How will you sell the station in exchange for 5 minutes of your life?

Write A Project at a Time ( Blogging Formula ).


Do not try to write the perfect post! Like if you try, what will happen is it will not do anything . Good ideas take time to form and there are some words that come only after looking for an idea for days .


Add beautiful photographs callers .


Go through a photo store ( or ) and find a picture that encapsulates the essence of your message .

Blogging Formula

She needs to be attractive . He does not need to characterize people , but it needs to make you want to click and read the rest of the article.


Try to have a second shot since Facebook does not always catch the featured picture . If your post is long , divided with several pictures .


Make it easy for your readers and the search engines to find your answers . Be sure to put the meta data .


Do not forget the other little details that spell success:


Use at least two brands that have been used elsewhere for related messages can be easily pulled up .


To Put The Post in The Appropriate Category and Related (Blogging Formula).


Do not forget to SEO!


How well optimized is your message? It is easy to read? Is consistent with the rest of your website content?


You need to make sure your post gets at least a passing grade in SEO. As you grow as a writer, you will learn to write with SEO in mind.


As you read this article till the end I have good news to give you …


What do you think have a blog already set up, and very viral, easy to use and that can have an income well above the average! People are making thousands and thousands of dollars blogging every day.


If you are interested to know more go here:


Have a Fantastic Day

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