Build Prosperity In Today’s Times

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The Best Strategy To Build Prosperity In Our Times Today


Build Prosperity

It’s time people occupy themselves with their own business. A job means you’re being paid to deal with the business of others.


In this new economy, you have to deal with your own business. The idea that you can go to school, get good grades, find a secure job and have the government and his company taking care of you is fundamentally the Industrial Age.


Why is not working anymore?


Because we’re in the Information Age now. The rules have changed. Large companies are now saying: “We will no longer pay their retirement. You have to pay. “


They had defined pension plans, now they offer their employees their own private retirement plans. The sad truth is that most of these plans are unfounded.


Because people are not putting enough money in them because they do not have the working capital to do it.


Robert Kiyosaki started talking about it in the 70s. In addition, our school system is still in the industrial age, telling people that their salvations are basically a job. This is crazy!



People have to stop working for money and start making money work by Robert Kiyosaki


And so, “People have to stop working for money and start making your money work for them.” Them.


Many people see the MLM (Multilevel Marketing) as one of the primary vehicles through which people can channel their efforts and thoughts. Being a MLMer (entrepreneur Multilevel Marketing) is truly mind with your own business.

MLM is a Business System that allows you to take your pension in their own hands?

In a way, yes, yes. But I really encourage people to rethink the whole concept of reform.


As employees, most people agree that their income will decline when they retire.


They are desperate to get adjacent benefits because they do not know how to create a business system that generates residual income after they stop working.


Then they prepare to live with less income as retirees. They are planning to be poor in the future.

The solution would be what we call residual income?


In fact , strictly speaking , what is MLMers have a residual income gains . We need to go a step beyond that.


The reason I believe in MLM is that it allows people to earn huge amounts of money and then invest – pure and simple .


It is very difficult to invest if you are an employee and only earn 12,000 Euros per year.


And so the MLM allows you to build a business and become a sophisticated investor . When you stop being an employee and start putting together your own MLM business , you get to benefit from the differentiated rates .


You no longer live as a poor or middle class and starts to live like the wealthy live .


But you have to learn to keep your money . Keep your money is to stay focused on your business , keep working on your business and making your residual income grow.


If you want to be rich, you must convert this residual income into passive income is income from real estate, stocks , etc. . That’s what you can learn in MLMers .


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