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Conflicts Exist Since The Beginning Of Humanity


Conflict ManagementAre part of the evolution of humans process and are necessary for the development and growth of any family, social, political and organizational system.

You can think of several alternatives for individuals and groups deal with conflict.

These can be ignored or muted, or healed and transformed an auxiliary element in evolution but gave ociety or organization.

Viewed historically, until recently the absence of conflict was seen as an expression of good environment, good relationships and, in the case of organizations, as a sign of competence.

Some practitioners saw the conflict negatively, as resulting from the action and behavior of undesirable persons, associated to aggressiveness, physical and verbal confrontation and negative feelings, which were considered detrimental to the proper relationship between people and, consequently, the proper functioning of organizations.


Possible Causes Of Conflict


For proper management of conflict is important that the possible causes that led to their emergence are known. Among them we can mention :

  •     Experience frustration gave poor or both parties : failure to achieve one or more goals and / or perform and fulfill your wishes for some kind of interference or personal , technical or behavioral limitation;


  •     Differences in personality : are invoked as an explanation for the rift in the family environment as much in the workplace and in daily relationships revealed through some undesirable characteristics in the other party ; ?


  •     Different goals : establish is very common and / or receive goals / objectives to be achieved and may be different from other people and other departments , which leads to the generation of tensions in search of his reach ;


  •     Differences in terms of information and perceptions : customarily tend to get information and analyze them in the light of our knowledge and references, without taking into account that this also occurs as the other side with whom we have to talk and / or present our ideas , and that this addition may have a different shape due things .


How to Manage Conflict

For effective conflict resolution is necessary to reconcile some steps to follow , understand and apply some ? Knowledge ? and also set the style to be adopted .

  1.     The following steps are considered of paramount importance :
  2.     Creating a caring atmosphere;
  3.     Clarify perceptions ;
  4.     Focus on individual and shared needs ;
  5.     Building a positive and shared power;
  6.     Looking to the future and then learn from the past ;
  7.     Generate options for mutual gain ;
  8.     Develop steps for action to be executed ;
  9.     Establish mutually beneficial agreements .
  10.     To that trading can occur, it is necessary that both parties
  11.     Have the following capabilities :

Learn to communicate

Without dialogue there is no communication or possible solution to problems;
Most errors , omissions , irritations , delays and conflicts are caused by inadequate communication .

  •     Listening actively listen, because not understood goals and intentions always lead to a resolution without success ;
  •     Demonstrate genuine interest by the speaker and the subject;
  •     Avoid criticizing or trying to drive the conversation ;
  •     Adopt an affirmative position, showing respect for the other person .


  •      Active listening , as goals and intentions do not lead included

           Always a resolution without success ;

  •      Demonstrate genuine interest by the speaker and the subject;
  •      Avoid criticizing or trying to drive the conversation ;
  •      Take an affirmative position, showing respect for the other person .

Learn ask

Learn ask is another facet of active listening , because the questioner leads the conversation .

As for the style to be adopted , it is advisable to adopt a style that leads to the solution of the conflict in the most peaceful manner possible .

What will define your current style of conflict management is directly linked to two important features of behavior : assertiveness and cooperation.

The following are related to some styles and some of its features :


For a more accurate understanding of the dynamics of conflict , we must take a broader view of its many possibilities , because for some people the term conflict can cause intense fear , however , one has to acknowledge that there is a destructive mode and a constructive way to proceed .


The difference in treating the conflict could be the sign of a healthy , may be represented by two possibilities for more effective action, negativistic , who perceives the conflict as something harmful and should be avoided at all costs , and the second alternative is to work it , looking for the benefits that differences of opinions and positions contrary can generate the level of personal and professional learning.

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