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(Big Idea Mastermind Plan 100% FREE!)


Big Idea Mastermind

As promised, when you join BIM before the timer at the top of the page hits zero, your Big Idea Mastermind membership fee ($497/mo) will be waived for life, but in order to make money using our marketing system, you still need to position yourself in the compensation plan with Empower Network. (Remember, Empower Network is a vehicle and BIM is the engine)

Big Idea Mastermind

I highly recommend getting positioned at the highest level possible so that you can make the most amount of money possible starting right away.

This is very important. 95% of your success will depend on where and how you position yourself on the comp. plan. So do what you can to get the best positioning possible.

Big Idea Mastermind

Plus, the higher you position yourself on the comp. plan, not only will you earn more money per sale (and therefore reach your goal a lot faster) – you will also gain access to higher levels of Big Idea Mastermind, reaching all the way up to the Diamond Level, which is ultimately where you want to be at.

The Breakdown

There are 5 different levels (products) with Empower Network and they correspond with 5 levels in the Big Idea Mastermind. Here’s a full breakdown of what you get with each level and how much money you will earn by positioning yourself at that level:

bim basic level

bim silver level

bim gold level

bim platinum level

bim diamond level

As a Diamond member, you will also be invited to our 3-Day private million dollar Diamond Mastermind Party taking place last week of May in one of the coolest places in Hawaii.

This event is reserved for the most elite and it will be EPIC to say the least.

You and 99 other BIM Diamond members will come to hang out with me, Vick Strizheus in Hawaii at a private beachfront resort where we will get to know each other on a personal level, have a LOT of fun, mastermind, eat the best food money can buy, drink the best drinks available, soak up warm Hawaiian sun, swim in a mega pool and being treated like celebrities!


Here’s What You Need To Do Next:

Your next step right now is to position yourself on the Comp. Plan with Empower Network.

Do you want to earn $25 per sale or do you want to earn $4,622.00 per sale?

Big Idea Mastermind

Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira


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