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Learning StrategiesWhy do not always know so many things that we can do internally?

The answer to the above question is that when we do something well, we need not be paying attention to as we do.

And if we’re not paying attention to something, it becomes unconscious.

What you need to do something well, without paying attention to how we do?

There results we obtain easily, such as walking, speaking and spelling. Other results may require a high degree of concentration and mindfulness, how to memorize a text.

And there certascoisas we can not get at all.

But there are people who do things easily that are normally difficult for us

These examples highlight two important aspects related to strategies:

– Strategies are learned, i.e., installed in mind for use as standards


There are degrees of maturity in learning strategy.


Installation Of Strategies


You know how to whistle ? If yes, how do to emit exactly the sound you want? You learned that if you do a nozzle with lips a certain way and emit a certain amount of air , leave a note .

Slight variations in beak cause other notes . And you know that these repeating patterns , get the same results .

A strategy is a pattern of behavior which itself is a unit that can be executed as a whole . In a sense , strategy is synonymous capacity .

When we say that someone is capable , this means that we recognize that one can systematically obtain certain results . Ie , the person is able to play a number of objective behavior .

And if she is able to play them , somehow they are installed in your mind and in your neurology , becoming available when the person wants .

One strategy is analogous to an installed program on your hard disk , which must be loaded into memory and executed for doing what you do . A person may have hundreds of internal strategies installed , waiting for execution.

The set of strategies installed one forms its capacity as a whole.

We can also contextualize the concept of capacity: a journalist , for example , has a set of specific strategies related to the activities that must exercise to fulfill their role.


Playing Strategies


You’ve certainly joked making drawings on multiple pages of a book , so that when flicking the pages perceives an animation .

And certainly knows film a movie , which is something static until it is properly spent on a projector .

Likewise a computer program is just a bunch of bytes stored on the hard drive until the commands it contains are placed into memory and executed .

Given our brain resources ( our ” hardware ” ) are the same , if anyone can learn to do something , anyone can too.

The key to this is to discover and model the essential steps of the strategy used by one person and install it on another .

You can model the strategies of any person asking the right questions to extract the essential steps .

If you do not get something we want , it is because we do not have a strategy or a strategy we are applying inappropriate. In fact, there never stop learning .

The possibility that opens is to learn more and better , due to a better understanding of learning processes . From Learning Strategies

Have a fantastic day,

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