Money Is In The List

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Have You Heard This? Money Is In The List



Money Is In The ListYou’ve surely heard of all professionals working with Internet Marketing that the money is in the list.


There are many ways to promote your business: Google, Social Media, PPC, PPV and a lot of ways.


If you are advertising your business or any product and is not to build your contact list, so I advise you to stop, you will never succeed, you will not make money.

Concept of Creating Your List


Say one thing, if I ask you your e-mail without offering anything in return, you will provide it to me? Obviously not!


We, for instance, created a series of videos and offer you for free in exchange you give us your email. We did something with dedication and care that we are sure you will add value.


From the moment you give us your email, we will begin a relationship. We will be sending you tips, news and everything that can help you, because we’re not alone anywhere.

How To Build A List Of Contacts


To get a list you should offer free content in exchange for e-mail your visitor, this is called Digital. It can be an e-book (e-book), a video, a podcast (audio recording), finally, something that generates value, which is their best.


You also need an autoresponder service quality, which will automatically send e-mails that have been previously configured by you.


Remember, you are a professional, a digital entrepreneur and this has to invest in tools that facilitate their work and an autoresponder is essential, indispensable.


Start a relationship with your list. Send tips, new articles, free courses and then offer your products or services. Never, but never, only send emails with intent to sell, no one likes to feel used.


How to build a list of contacts in your list! I will have a new opportunity to write a new article.


Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira

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