The secret of Arnold Schwarzenegger

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Arnold Schwarzenegger “

Many asked what the secret to success.


There are two rules.
First, work for real.

Second, never listen to those who just say no.
A lot of people wanting to become an actor, people who have been rejected

But never take no for an answer.
Never listen to negative people.

when Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming …
in Bodybuilding in Austria.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to be a champion ..
They said it would be impossible, it would not be a champion.
Maybe I could be champion football or skiing, but never Bodybuilding.

It was something out and he never win.
Arnold Schwarzenegger did not hear what they said, and was world champion 13 times in a row.

Arnold Schwarzenegger “Never listen to those who doubt you.”

It was the same when he became in love.
I wanted to enter the film and be successful.

They said right away that this would be impossible.
Look to your body, you are very beefy.You weighs 113kg.

We are in the 70s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, today’s models are actors …
Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino Woody Allen.

They are sexual symbols.
Not him, that monster! Will never work ..

Not to mention his accent …
There has never been anyone famous here with an accent of that.

Never going to happen. “Well but I would not listen and continued to evolve.
Also complained of his name.

“I imagine you with that her strange last name on the billboards will flock to theaters just for you.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger did not call them. Went on, I was successful and was to end.

He made the film he wanted, had the career I wanted.
So that’s a lesson for all of you.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger, never take no for an answer.

That is the secret

Have a fantastic day,

Vitor Ferreira


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