Self Promote Your Site and Not Sites Affiliate

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Learn How to Promote Your Site not Affiliate Link

affiliateHas this happened to you? be to promote an affiliate link, be trying to build your online business, and after a while the link is changed or the company was to life.

And you lose all your work done so far, and will have to start everything from scratch.

Maybe you already have a lot of content spread through the internet, but that itself will no longer bring in more traffic. Is not true?


But there is a solution to at least continue to receive traffic, the solution is to create a subdomain of your main domain example (
And your subdomain ( name you want).


Step 1: go to your cpanel domain, create a subdomain


Step 2: go to this site and put your affiliate link and will generate an HTML file for you to download.


Step 3: enter the FileZilla to upload the file in the subdomain you created, between where it says (public_html) and then just load the file in the subdomain you created.



After has yet to rename the file to index.html,

 filefilla foto

and is ready to run.

And this way your long affiliate links and that no one remembers, will stay short and beautiful to present.

In the future when the affiliate link does not work anymore for some reason, you just do the same process with another link that you are promoting without losing content that months or years will put on the Internet.

Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira

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