The Best Solution to Traffic: Free or Paid Advertising?

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Free or Paid Advertising


Free or Paid AdvertisingI have seen many strategies for generating contacts on the internet.


While SEO may seem free , it costs time (and of course time is money, so costs money too) , and can even cost a lot of time…


you need to write texts , choosing keywords , and then expect it to appear on the first page of google in a few days.


Putting content weekly ( preferably minimum 3x a week ) , so in 2 or 3 months you will appear in search engines , the ideal is to do 2 articles per day to succeed in blogging , and of course the blog should be well configured.


After placing your information and appear on the first page of google then you will have some contacts if their texts are good, if your capture pages work … and really hear traffic on the keywords you have chosen.

What is Better, Free or Paid Advertising ?


You must work in SEO , if you have no money and have time  


But I continue to be an advocate of paid advertising , gives immediate results when you have a formula that works ( 1 invest and earn 2 ) then just put more money in advertising funnel and contacts , sales and business simply explode.


If you want to contact , study Paid advertising that will bring hundreds of contacts a day when you have implemented your formula.

Good to combine the two methods , Free or Paid Advertising.


For a website ( blog ) appropriately optimized from the start and prepared with good content.


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