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The Concept Of Capture Page


Capture PageYou do not know the concept of capture page? I’ll explain in a very simple to understand.

Capture Page is a site with a page, with the sole purpose of capturing data to build an email list.

An example, let’s imagine that you do a Google search for “tips to make money online.”

You have found a site that shows exactly what you want, and the tips you get put there your email.


And sure they ask for your name and e-mail so you can receive this free stuff. Knowing that you will get the stuff you want, you probably will inform your personal data.


This site you filled your data is an example of a capture page.

You certainly was satisfied after having completed their data as received valuable content of interest and the person was satisfied because “won” your e-mail.


It is now that email marketing site “tips make money online” will work, they will send you quality content (videos, ebooks, audios, etc.) on the subject that you asked. Capture page


You will receive several emails with the subject of quality requested. If you like quality and feel the material, you possibly can even purchase a course that they indicate.


The Realize You, The Power Of One Capture Page?


Their data were collected and after that work was done email marketing with the subject of your interest.

If it is a good material sent pro your email, you will feel confident and can even buy some stuff paid for the site you found.


It’s just an example. We know that there are materials on the Internet about all kinds of matter, but the technique of capture page is the same, ie, regardless of your niche market, if you use a capture page, you can make money on the Internet in a professional manner.


One of the advantages of having an email list built through a capture page, is able to communicate with people from your list often, or you can send emails to them to talk about the advantages of their products, inform launches, promotions, etc..


If the person left your personal data on your capture page, is a sign that she felt confident in their work and allow you to send emails to her.


Let’s imagine you have a list of contacts in the niche market “tips make money online” with 5000 emails, ie you have 5000 people interested in how to lose weight.


Imagine that you have created a course step-by-step teaching so that people want to learn. Let’s assume that this course has a value of $ 100.00.
Capture page


You can send a simple email to these 5000 people showing their course and how it can help these people achieve their objective (making money online tips).


If quality content possibly most of these 5000 people will buy your course. Capture page

Now imagine you have a list of 10,000 people? 100 000 people? A million people?


Everything will depend on the quality of your capture page and Do Free Content That Will Send You To The People In Return Her to Leave Your Personal Data.


Remember one thing: NEVER ask the personal data of a person without offering something of quality of her interest in return.

Only after some time you will offer courses or materials paid with the intent of earning money. Capture page

Have a Fantastic Day,

Vitor Ferreira


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