What is Attraction Marketing

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The Attraction Marketing is A Way of Attracting People


Attraction MarketingQualified people rather than you running after them.

The formula is free generate contacts for your business through a monetized proposal and 100 percent on autopilot.


And for this you must first build the structure, sort by:


  1.      Define your niche market.
  2.      Build your presence on the internet.
  3.      Create a capture page to get the email of your contacts.
  4.      Create a qualified list and make a follow up of this list to create a relationship with your contacts.
  5.      Include your contact information in your sales funnel.
  6.      Finish with the conversion.

Define your niche market


Learn about a market you are interested in exploring. Promote a network marketing business.

Important you build your internet presence, and attract this target audience with relevant content and effective techniques to help people to develop and solve their problems.


Build Your Internet Presence


Important to have Your blog to be able to present their ideas and proposals. Generate quality content that people can put into practice.

Add qualified people to your business every day through social networks.

Ultimate goal is to make these people stay interested and want to know more about you.


Create a capture page to get the email of your contacts


Offer a free ebook , course, or newsletters . From there you begin to build a qualified list to build a more direct relationship.

One objective is to solve a specific problem that this certain person has , through information or tip that is searching.


Create a qualified list and do a follow up on that list


The autoresponder is one of the most important parts of the attraction marketing is that it sends messages progamadas pre – authorized subscriber .

Do not confuse spam with messages on autopilot that has permission to be sent , and in relation to SPAM emails are not allowed and that the person who is receiving this email without knowing where well .


Include your contact information in your sales funnel


The sales funnel serves to indicate quality products that help people solve their problems. With paid products that help to develop your business contact .

And from there you can also promote their products as affiliate systems , third-party products .


Finish with the conversion


The conversion is all the people who subscribes on your capture page , and are sales made. As well as new business partners to your network marketing business .


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