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How It Works A Marketing Funnel


Marketing Funnel

If you want to work on the internet, assemble a source of income from home with an internet business marketing, then you need to understand how a marketing funnel works.

First thing in the marketing funnel is the capture pages with free stuff.

Capture on the page you will put in your blog, in any form of advertising, social and other networks. You will offer the person a free product, as information, and in return the person will leave your email.


For this you must have an autoresponder, people are there entered and will be able to receive their information, and promotion. Over time you will get a list of people that follows.

Funnel Marketing How It Works With Sales


And so will you be able to read profits on sales of products and courses, this will only happen when people get you better, and so follow their advice.


What you can also do is invite these people to go to a presentation of your online business, internet marketing.


Then when these people join your business, you can help build your marketing funnel.


One very important thing is that your list will always receive some information at least weekly, not to leave the relationship.


Must have a progam a section of email, because if the person does not enter into their business today, maybe next email or the end of the month.


I hope you enjoyed this article, we like to have more information regarding the marketing funnel, write your comment or contact me.


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