Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impressions Advertising On Facebook

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How To Advertise On Facebook


Advertising On FacebookThe first thing before you get everything you should create a new profile , specially made to make your advertising campaigns on Facebook.


Know ! Facebook deletes accounts of who is shirking its norms and conditions for advertising , nor do we sometimes happens we are aware of the error ,

and as you might imagine it is preferable that if something goes wrong delete a recent account , no friends, no pages , no historical …

How to Start Your Campaigns The Set Of Advertising On Facebook!


 Advertising On Facebook

You will find at the bottom of your profile the advertising button , After will open a new window , click ” Create Ad ” . The second step is to start setting up the necessary data to create the ad.


In ” destination ” there are several options you can use to target Fans page or to an external site , in this case choose the name ” External URL ” . In ” URL ” put the address of your website in the “Title” put its title.


Now , “Text ” place a simple and attractive description for your campaign.


Hint : Always use capital letters at the beginning of each word to draw more attention.


After choosing a picture, click on the ” Picture ” to choose , always wear fun , radical images that create impact when you look at them , the image is one of the most important thing in advertising on feceboook , test and test again several images.


Next step direct your advertising campaign on Facebook to a particular target audience . Choose one or several countries where people of interest for this campaign.

 Advertising On Facebook

Then , click the ” Language ” option and set the languages ​​you want , depending on the type of product you are offering . In ” Demographic Data ” put the age of the target audience you want to reach


The most important when making an advertising campaign on Facebook is part of the ” Interests ” in this field you should put any concerns related to the product you’re offering.



How to Pay Less For Campaigns Advertising On Facebook


Set payment method select from the following options: pay per click (CPC) or pay per impression (CPM).


Recommend working with CPC, but if your ads and images for high quality you will pay much less per click, compença use and pay for impressions.


Then click on “Make Order” and go to the window to pay, which can be done by paypal or credit card.


And then wait 24 hours in standard for the approval of your advertising on Facebook!


If this area is new paid advertising, advise this course 48hour Traffic Machine   here


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