Ambition Of Many Get Rich

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Get Rich Ambition Of Many and the Few Can Achievement


Ambition Of Many Get Rich

Prosperity is a combination of health wealth and friendships , if you have money and you have cancer , you give all the money in the world to heal.


Well , there’s no point having money , without having health.

But imagine you have money and have health but you do not have one to share , so life is not much fun , just with these 3 things is that it is full .


Financial success is when you never do anything for the money , or do not do something you enjoy for lack of money.


If you are doing something in your life that does not like because of the money or not doing something in your life that you would like to do because of money, then you have not achieved the financial success of financial independence .


So what do we understand today is how to make money work for you instead of you working for money.


There are people living in this world in a very good shape without necessarily having money, but this is not the path we’re choosing here . We are choosing the path of prosperity where you learn how to generate wealth.



 And you can learn to create wealth, you must learn the wheel of plenty


So because the wheel does not rotate abundance for all equal ?

He does not turn perhaps emotional blocks , you think that money is dirty, rich people do not enter the heaven , or ignorance of the laws of wealth , earn, spend, save or invest and which are universal laws that work anywhere.


And that should be taught in school , but unfortunately most people are born , live and die without it.

If you have difficulty dealing with numbers, then you will hardly be a millionaire , because the millionaire requires knowledge of numbers .


The Wheel of Plenty has two parts : a part of giving and receiving part , there are people who have problems donate are very selfish , and there are people who have problems are very proud to receive, you must see if you are donating or comproblemas receive .


Many people think so , if I had money, I would do what rich people do, I would be rich , but it’s not how it works .

But 90 % of people who win the lottery 10 years later are worse before winning . I recommend the book ( rich dad poor dad robert kiyosaki )


You have to thank you for what you have , to get more of what you want . This is the great truth , gratitude serves as a feeder system of your consciousness .


A lot of people think that to make big money is to work hard , which is not true , you have to work intelligently . Write your hoby his profession , and never going to work .


What I ‘ve been thinking about it made my life the way it is today , do an analysis of what you have been thinking today about money , and you will look in your bank account and will have the answer , what is coming is thinking responding there.


Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira


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