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Get the Most Out Of Your Own Life.

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Sometimes, what most disturbs our life is our state of doubt, uncertainty and confusion.

When we’re not sure which way to choose what possibilities, what decision you choose, we are in a state of internal conflict.

This internal conflict can erode us from within, takes us confidence, we are vulnerable and at the mercy of mind-wandering that we can push for a high state of confusion.

In this state of being, to generate feelings of discomfort, distress, and sometimes hopelessness. At a more problematic installs anxiety.

But before such a scenario, what can be done to restore emotional balance and stay safe for decisions?


Align Your Life With Your Values


When we are not well aware of our values​​, or the things in our life that inspire us, that move us and make us feel good, or rather, to make us feel bad, we can follow the paths that make life difficult or lead us to problems.

When you make a realistic assessment of the impact that their values ​​have in your life and start making constant changes and aligned with your values​​, will certainly increase the likelihood of being successful.

However, sometimes make mistakes that can haunt the materialization of our values ​​in our day to day activities.


Identify Your Personal Values


Identifice their personal values ​​and beliefs , and assess whether they are aligned with their goals and dreams .

List of personal values ​​:

Write a list of the ten most important values ​​for you in the present moment according to their life goals .

Type the values ​​that come to your mind when you think about what you want to achieve and what makes it move in this direction .

Then place these values ​​in order of importance according to your current goals . From most important to least important.

Then think of some people you admire a lot for examples and achievements of life (eg family, teacher, coach , Oprah , Anthony Robbins , Nelson Mandela , Mother Teresa of Calcutta ) .

Choose one of these people you admire , and think about what they achieve in their lives , what values ​​they followed , and who benefited .

When you think of people who wonder , consider what they had to do to get what they have or accomplished .

List ten values ​​that you think have been important to this person in order to have achieved all that you admire .

Now think about how would be the life of your dreams . What kind of person would you be , what he was doing , that way you would be living according to your vision ?

Finally , list the ten values ​​that you think would be important to accomplish its vision of future life .

Numer these values ​​in order of importance .

Reflect on these personal values ​​that judges are needed as mentors for the realization of their dreams .

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