Don´t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Think About It! Do not Let Nobody Steal Your Dream


Some people have to do it on purpose. But some just think they are saying something “for its own good” and some are probably unaware of what they are saying out …


But in all cases, we have to be careful to not let someone else determine our future and our present.

We can not let toxic people around us can steal our joy or peace of mind.

We can not let the diagnosis take our hope away.


We can not let another “No!” Stop us in our way to achieve our dreams.

Some people may not understand the pursuit of his dream, or they do not understand you or your actions. It happens and you need to have a plan.


Sometimes you may have to enhance your thinking, talking to a friend or pick up a book or CD that will give you some good ideas to replace what you’re thinking.

You may need to get away and take a walk, go to a cafe, a park, or somewhere to sit still and concentrate again on your dream.


But the main thing you should do – at all costs – is to protect on your dreams , protect your joy, protecting her hope – and never , never, never let go .


Create an independent life , free from external influences , and do not let anyone steal your personal happiness .

What I mean by external influence is the opinion of others or what they think of you , or I should say what you think they think of you .


Do not be dependent on the opinions of others. Carefully consider your opinion and weigh it against what you want , if it rings true for you, then by all means value that opinion.


When it comes to your personal happiness do not forget your own ideas for the good of others . Do not let anyone steal your happiness.


When you decide to be true to yourself and become independent of the opinions of others, you will find joy in your life . You will have the courage to follow their dreams and build a strong and independent mind.


So do not let anyone steal your dreams. You and only you know what is right for you and what makes you happy.


Your personal happiness will serve others well. His confident approach to life will be a positive influence on others.


You will react with each other from a state of happiness and people will enjoy having you around because of his good humor and positive.


His happy mood will be a gift for everyone you meet in your life.

When you bring it into your life that you are giving an example and projecting a positive influence on everyone.


Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor ferreira


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