Earn Name And Followers

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To Make Name And Followers


Name and Followers

If you want to get somewhere in life, people need to Easily Repair in you.

Traffic equals money and soon.


The Internet is no different from the traditional way of earning money, you need to develop a voice in the industry or niche you decide to choose for your Blog.


You are helping people achieve their goals, certainly will receive payments for their services, and there this rule: (give then receive).


Being publish content of any value or too low, you probably will not get profit or very little profit. It also will have a small numaro followers.

There Are 3 Main Ways Of Getting Traffic.


  1.    One is through search engines
  2.     Social network also widely used
  3.     And one that brings faster results ( Buying ads )



Search engines are one of the ways you can get free results for people who are just starting out and can not or do not want to invest money in traffic this is the best way , doing your daily work, the results do not appear immediately but achieves excellent results .



To achieve the first places on google , need to have relevant content and write constantly , and also having relevant links to your website from other relevant websites related topics.


The google is increasingly adjusting your robot search for sites with more relevant information are first shown for a given search .


So this way try adjusting your blog with quality content and relevance , in order to lengthen term appears in the first place .

The google constantly have robots called spiders that scour the web looking for links to each site organizadoss by their relevance .


If your site talks about cars, then a link to your blog from a site ranked car would have more value in theory than a link from a site about beauty.


Remember Persistence in Everything Begins.


Success born of want, determination and persistence in reaching a objective. Even not reaching the target, those seeking obstacles and wins at least do admirable things.



Our dreams will take place as we move forward in a vehicle made ​​of persistence, with a motor that will with courage and willpower running in place of tires.


Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira





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