Help Yourself , So Help You God?

by Vitor Ferreira on

in Personal Development

Something wonderful is happening.


PotentialHow often they were faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem and wished he could solve , pass it to someone else?


Or they never hang dreaming for – build great pictures on your screen intellectual – and want to make a certain amount of money for a trip to an exotic country or buy the car you always wanted ?

Would not it be amazing if it is one that , for a magic formula that would provide us with the things we want , or we the lifestyle to which we have decided to allow?

Well , is not , and gave them since the beginning of time .


They may have things they want – and everyone – and they will have to if they only make the ideas in this book to your way of thinking and a part of his life .



Potential is always and everywhere


Make them aware that everything they see in the universe – including yourself – is nothing more than the expression of boundless power . This energy always flows in and through them . Scientists say that everything is energy .


I’d say everything is spirit .


Help yourself , then God will help.


Over the centuries of time , there has been a special group of people who are real thinkers . They have always known that there is a force that pervades the entire cosmos, fills and satisfies , and that all who see expression, which is powerful .

The force acts in a very precise way , which is usually called the law.


In other words , everything that comes from a source , and this source of energy flows and acts for and by the people – that for them.

To put it slightly differently : the image they have created , can the physical plane of life ( and their outcomes ) are just a path to them by law and by faith .


The provisions of the Mormon religion ( Doctrine and Covenants ) , there are verses that show that aspect very well, and although I am not a mormon , I like these words : there is a law in the sky – before the foundation of this world – was placed so irrevocable , upon which all blessings are predicated :


When we obtain any blessing from God , it is by obedience to that law upon which it is based.


The more you study these verses , the more you have to admit how perfect they are.
The better they understand this fact, the easier it is for them to improve their quality franchise .


Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira


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