How to Be More Productive At Work

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Some Tips Of How To Be More Productive At Work


More Productive At Work
There’s nothing more than good, when you finish the day knowing that was highly productive, which gives a feeling of euphoria.
Like when you do sport gets tired but is happy is performed.


Some people get in the clouds when it will strike the tasks done during the day, he thinks he is a champion who can do a lot of things. But the truth is exactly the opposite.


Productive people are those that eliminate everything is not so important , everything that is not relevant. And only really focus on what is important .
And what is important is not always urgent. And so we pushed this to do what is urgent and not important.



And then the end of the day you did a lot of things , but did very little in relation to their goals and objectives in the long term .


And hope you have goals and long term objectives , because if not you’re doing and doing and comes to an end , and did not that important to your goals and objectives .


Make a short list of goals and objectives , but only those things that are really important . Eliminate everything that is not important or less important , because if not , it will not make time to do things on your list that are really important .


Of course it is not easy , but has to be yet to succeed .

Loose , erase the TV , loose any distraction, that’s the first thing you have to do . Do not get distracted by emails , chats , etc. . Turn it all , and stay focused on what is done.


Minimize interruptions and increase productivity.

Have a fantastic day
Vitor Ferreira

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