How To Become A Good Receiving

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Learn How To Become A Good Receiving


Good Receiving( Rich people are excellent recipients ) 

( Poor People are lousy recipients )


One important reason that prevents many people from receiving the full financial potential is not receiving.


Receive the norm is a challenge for several reasons, first the person does not feel worthy or deserving . 90 percent of people carry the feeling of not being worthy.


Whence such low esteem ? Source always , mental programming .


Most of us Behind this recorded message, when we do something wrong we are punished.


The conditioning of this punishment as implanted in our minds , that when there is someone close by to punish us , we punish ourselves without even realizing it.


No wonder people have difficulty receiving . Just a small error for sitting sentenced to load the path of misery and poverty for life.


Only yourself determines whether or not merecidor . If you say it is merecidor then is , if you say it is not then it is not , either way you will live your story.

Another reason is the difficulty in getting the person to believe that giving is better than receiving.


As you could give something if there is someone to receive the act of giving provides us a wonderful and rewarding feeling. Refuse to receive is to deny another the joy and pleasure of giving.


To make matters worse the thing not being fully to give and receive , the person is not to train the universe to give you . If you are not open to receive its share , it goes to those who are.


This is one reason that leads the rich to get richer and the poor poorer . Not because the rich are more merecidores , but they admit receiving.


Fortunes circulating around, and they have to go somewhere . If the person is not ready to receive you, who is going to end , do the following prayer , universe if you had a fantastic thing for a person who is not willing to receive it , please get to me , I’m open to accept all these fantastic , thank you things. 


Practice always , and be thankful, every time I find some money says: I’m a magnet that attracts money thank you thank you.


Create a habit in all areas of your life and will soon see that it will become a routine.


Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira

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