How to Enlarge Your Intelligence

by Vitor Ferreira on

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A Higher Intelligence


Your IntelligenceHere is the point of greatest practical application of all the material.

It’s where we transform knowledge into skill.

This is where we answer the question: what can I do to expand my intelligence, my ability to choose and get results?

The way a higher intelligence is learning, seen as the embodiment of new
strategies and skills to set and achieve goals.


Organizing Strategies


Perhaps the simplest way to get better results is simply rearrange
available resources, with a view to the results to be obtained.


For this it is sufficient to realize the feedback, ie, the results obtained with the current strategy and see if they are what you want.


If not, do something else, continuing the cycle until results are achieved.
In some cases, you must target a goal in intermediate goals, to a
level in each step can be carried by the person.


A simple example: try to spell any word from back to front. If you can not segment the word into syllables and spell behind each syllable separately.


Learn a New Strategy


If we can not something we want , it is because we do not have a strategy or are
applying an inappropriate strategy. Actually , do not stop never learn .

The possibility that opens is to learn more and better , due to a better understanding of learning processes .

The first way to learn a new strategy is developing a . In view of the
goal is conceived milestones and objectives .


Another way is to model the strategy of installing someone or someone modeled the strategy , as we have seen .

Instead of a complete strategy , we incorporate an additional internal strategy, which can be used alone or as a larger step strategy.


For example , the ability to observe a situation or problem by multiple views or perceptual positions .

Another possibility in this line is to learn to do something internally to which we depend on external support .

For example , the famous list of things to do on paper can be replaced by a strategy of memorization .


Apply Strategy In An Existing Another Context


It may happen that you are skilled at something and you have not realized that you can apply this ability in different situations.

If you are able to identify with someone or have seen imitating someone else (like pretend you’re playing an instrument to listen to a song)

you already have installed a strategy of adopting a perceptual position, and only need to include this capability in other contexts.

You can be very good at planning parties, but do not use this ability in the studies.

Good planning requires for example the scenario prediction and segmentation into intermediate goals.




There are many other alternatives to expand intelligence .

Given the objectives of this work , we will just mention a few more (remembering that any change must be linked to a goal) :


  •  Find the most appropriate strategy for the desired result


  • · Improve the objectives and goals of a meta- strategy


  •  Enter a step in a strategy to search for available resources ( internal and

           external )

  •  Enter stages or decision points in a strategy


  • Enter developing alternatives and appropriate decision strategy


  • Harmonize conflicting goals


  • Eliminate one step of a strategy


  • Change formatting of an image or sound of a step


  • Change sequence of steps in a strategy


Learning, ultimately , is to install new options for external and internal behaviors ,
organized into strategies that serve to achieve goals.

Once we know what we want , the next step is to learn how to install the changes so they can be used productively .


Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira


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