How to Manage Your Time.

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So let’s talk about How to Manage Your Time


Manage Your TimeHow to Make the time work for us . The first thing is to create a mental model , people today are used to model the last minute of the urgency .

So what guides their action in unforeseen time , I’ll schedule this is unexpected , but just got to the last minute. And then I have very urgent and important little thing really.

It is formed as the way our brain reacts to unforeseen who has day to day .
And so what we have to do? Work to change the mental model , and so the persistence.


I am not speaking of habits , nothing like that , I’m talking about changing your mindset , then yes change your attitude change their habits and needs.
There is a difference between important and urgent circumstantial.

What is important are activities that will always bring results , those who have run to , you can wait a few hours or days to be made, and the result is always positive for your life or your business or whatever .

Urgent, Urgent in the time it’s over this time limited, you will have stress , will ride in raids , you will maybe have problems with the urgent. The important thing should never be urgent .

When separating the important thing is that with time, this urgent and on the run , you have greater clarity on how this using your time .


This will allow you to better use your time , and thus begin to understand what is really urgent and really important. And so begins the work to increase the share of important and urgent to reduce .


Set priorities but not only that , but to begin to understand the following , because I have very urgent day by day, which makes me so urgently , and from there make a review !


Perhaps this very urgently because leaving everything to the last minute , there was a lack of communication , there were failures , or forgetfulness .

And then 77 % of emergency were once important things , but by the incompetence of the people just become urgent .
But only 23 % of emergency (more or less ) been born by nature , an accident whatever, things that suddenly happens in your life , but they are things that you must know how to deal .

In the financial market how to manage your time ! the first thing is to calm your mind, you should not act emocialmente , so what we have to do: do not take your highly active mind to your daily activities , you must know how to make a plan of these priorities .


Then the tip and use a calendar or notebook whatever we have several online options in today’s market .
All you have to do, you will make a plan 3 days ahead.

Useless to make a plan for today or tomorrow , the plan must always be in the future . One thing that many people do you see something and suddenly seeing this over and over .

How you should do : If something unforeseen happens , you to calm the mind , make a list of things by priority , and so going to do the most important things first.

Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira

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