How to Motivate Your Downline To Act

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You also Motivates Your Downline To Act ?


MotivateOne of the things that are asked and should do in the internet marketing industry is to support , help motivate our downline the more you can ! Think well?


It’s a fair question , because the magic of network marketing is the promise to amass a personal fortune , enjoying their time , talent and energy of many people. Right!


A lot of people doing a little bit to do. Not one person that will do everything.


Let’s see then, when it seems that your downline is motivated to do something , has no desire to act , there is something you can do?


Unfortunately , no. At least I did not see way to do this change.

This Fashion Show You Opportunity You Can Take them to the starting line , But You Can not Run Marathon For Them.


You can support them with training materials , live opportunity calls , coaching , lead capture pages and even encourage them to participate in company-sponsored events to get the big picture … but only they can , and must like…


If you have a football team and its players have no interest to play on your team , then what do you do?


Find new players … simple as that


Those who want success and act . They will ask for advice and guidance . They will make sacrifices.


They will invest in their own training . They will participate in events and training company . They will seek you out like crazy during the first 30 days and then you will hardly hear them because they entered into a leadership role and are too busy to build their businesses.


The sad reality is 85-90 % of the people you introduce to this wonderful industry called network marketing will never do anything.


Another 5-8 % will sponsor a half dozen new team members , wait for them to make them rich , when they do not get discouraged and quit.


So we get 3 % . These are people who are committed to producing a result , no matter what. Their leaders . What if nobody showed as a leader in our current team – will build a new one.


What can you learn from this!

Stop Trying to Motivate Your Staff To Take Action. Because…


Because , you will lose your time , your business will lower , and you will lose your focus is much, much easier to find a new leader , than trying to run moratona by others.


Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira

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