Knowledge Without Application Is Useless.

by Vitor Ferreira on

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It Has a Lot Of Knowledge, And No Application! Nothing Happens


Knowledge without applicationHave you  read Books & Books Self-Help, Motivation, and Many Other Things About You Wanted to Achieve? Nothing worked and …


Think about it why not work!


Because just reading books and doing nothing that sense, nothing will happen.


Think like this: If you are working in a business, or working on a diet, or the implantation of good habits, “reading and research” means 5% of its 100% success.


Than 95%, the hardest part, the part that distinguishes realized from the still unrealized, is simply to do.

And the Reading Gives You a False sense of accomplishment Associated With Knowledge and Application Not Know Why

If you are like me , my recommendation to you is this : stop reading.

Stop the constant research .

Stop the constant planning .


Stop the constant business plan ” , once you’ve got everything together , I’ll start ” type.


One of the greatest gifts they gave me is the reminder that success comes first and foremost to do because ultimately the fruit comes only to sow the seeds , not thinking about them , planning the garden , reading farmer’s book , or talk to other farmers.


Sow them.


So where do you go back to work , or head to the gym , or work on your blog , remember to spend your life wisely in the application , not only in thought , speculation, or research.


What good is the smartest scientist, if he does not share their findings with others?


What good is the most effective diet plan if you do not try?

What are the strategies for over 400 blog for your business , even if you are not trying any?


The utility of knowledge is only in its application.

Action is the Greatest Gift You Can Give That Only Himself, so get started

Movement will never produce a final result. Action going.

When you’re moving, you’re planning and strategies and learning. These are all good things, but they do not produce a result.


Are you doing something? Or you’re just getting ready to do it.


Are you moving? Or act?

Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira

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