Negative Emotion, The Energy Flowing

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Feeling A Negative Emotion, The Energy Flowing


Negative emotionWe want you to recognize that negative emotion is a wonderful thing , because it is part of the guidance system that shows how you are letting the energy flow .


The next time you feel a negative emotion , instead of saying ” Argh , my fault . Here I am doing it again .


Just keep doing the same stupid thing . “; Instead of getting hurt , feel appreciation for his AWARENESS , to be feeling a negative emotion

” Oh , my guidance system is working. I can feel my energy is flowing in the opposite direction of the thing I want . “


Be a confusion that is taking with your child , an animal that you do not understand , with boys who do not behave , either with a partner who does not appreciate you ;

be in a situation where you do not have enough money , or before a body that does not cooperate with you, or with a dog that is biting .


So no matter what negative experience you are having at present .


And the only thing that matters is that outside there is a flow of pervasive awareness about what you are really wanting .


And when you let one negative experience serve as a catalyst to help you identify what you want, you gently talks about why it wants and senses that it has happened , or talk about .


Describing how I wish it was as if there or tell others how wonderful it would be , or remembers a time when you were more present , you will feel the negative emotion going away – at that time , your energy is changed .


And his new point of attraction begins . Everything is about the way you are letting the energy flow . Everything is about what you are attracting . And now you know where you are at all times.


So if we’re on our own , this is the way in which we would reach our physical existence , from that point forward .


Would take more decisions every day about what we want . Well , when you take more decisions , you call the attention of the whole universe for you.


Whole universe becomes conscious of what you are wanting a certain thing . And all the resources you have , that includes everyone and everything in the universe , you begin to focus on in relation to that desire .


You do not have to tell anyone – just let it be known to himself . And as you know what you are wanting , your guidance system directs a supreme form .

If you start to diverge in terms of thoughts , words , or actions , from this new decision where you will hear the ringing of a bell that alerts you , making you want to know who said such a thing but it is vibrating so opposite . Want to take a new decision?


You said you wanted this on his morning statement .

We hear you saying you wanted it, but right now you’re thinking , vibrating , feeling the opposite way . ‘re Wanting to change the decision ? Yes , I think so .


I feel that my energy is flowing to the opposite side of what I decided. That’s what I’m wanting ? Then , declare another wish for you again.


Explain yourself why want that . FEEL the energy coming towards you .


Oh , friends , once you begin to feel the deliberalidade the flow of energy , you feel excited .


And think how much fun it is to be strong enough to choose various things and put them in motion . Wait until you feel the whole universe flows to your desire .

Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira



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