Note Your Goals

by Vitor Ferreira on

in Personal Development

After Establish Your Definition Of Wealth You Get A Goal.


Your GoalsWrite down your goals is to devise a scheme to achieve
this goal. It’s pretty simple. If you know you’re going to a
specific place, it makes sense to keep in mind:

  •  What time will come home.
  •  What time did you arrive at your destination.
  •  Which path choose.
  •  What will you do when you get there.

To get rich, you need to do exactly that.

Will have to define before ceding it means to be rich, how to plan

reach this level, how long it will take until you believe
and what to do with the money when you win.


After defining what wealth means to you, is not
easier to understand the importance of determining your goals?


Think about how you want to get rich and how long it will take.
Then trace your goals. It may be something simple, “I’ll
become a millionaire until my 40th birthday and be able to
so having my own real estate company.

That was easy. At least for me, anyway I’m just creating a
instance. In your case, I imagine it will be quite complicated. that
because you never thought about this topic before.

Well, perhaps dreaming casually with wealth want to be very rich,
famous or successful. But few people only the famous
and successful noticed that actually determine what, when and how.

You need to do the same if you want to be prosperous.
And I suppose that’s your desire, otherwise there would be
reading this article.

Now, set your goals.
I hope.

Already back? How was it? Your goal should be realistic, honest
and feasible. With realistic I mean that set the goal of being the
richest person in the world is not and never will be a project ade
when the reality even though this might happen.

With “honest I suggest you be honest with yourself and
establish a target with which to live and work. if
lying to yourself and others, will fail.

Viable”? This also. If you know nothing about real estate
or has an interest in learning, has no capital and no
can mortgage anything, then set the goal of being an entrepreneur
this sector is not realistic, honest nor feasible.

Are you happy with what you’ve got to draw? Optimal. Otherwise,
try again and go forward, because I want you to be ready to ASAP.

Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira


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