One Of My Secret`s

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Today I will talk about The Secret To My Success.



In fact I would like to talk about so much that I do not know where to start .


I think the best is to start step by step. In reality , step by step is one of my secrets to success .

 The highest mountains in the world were conquered step by step !


 When the time to start your own business comes , think of Big and set goals that are easy but at the same tough , but do not let that deter you the ultimate aim of taking the first step .


At the beginning your final objective will chase you , but you will be able to keep one step ahead of the other.


Every day should contain measures that will approach your final goal .

 All people in the world has good ideas for business , but unfortunately 80 % of them never trace and perform an action plan for any of these ideas .


The other 20 % are successful people .

 Typically, each person is afraid of its own objectives .


This is because most of the ideas cost thousands or millions of euros to implement !


And so it is one of the reasons I like network marketing , especially via the Internet …


is a business model that can be started from nothing , but at the same time has an unlimited power in relation to income , fame and recognition!


Thus it is a kind of business you can think BIG


( Defining objectives and challenges that can motivate ) , but starting from scratch , and run a step by step plan to get BIG ) .


Do not check this objective for 3 or 4 weeks , it will be your doom !


 To focus first on a part-time income .


Some extra hundred euros per month which may provide for the home or your child’s school , or even your sports car !


Then continue to take step after step to achieving your ultimate goal .

The business successfully are built , not born from nothing .


 Another feature that prevents people ‘s success – and even that ‘s a killer feature – are EXCUSES .


I would not want to enumerate all the excuses I’ve heard from other people regarding the reasons Secret To Sucessoinvocam not to pass to the action and pursue their dreams and goals .


So many excuses , that if a person wants to get one, YOU WILL GET !


In reality , there are no valid excuses , unless health and family problems .

” Lack of time ” , ” Lack of money ” , are the two biggest excuses not to begin charting the path to financial freedom , and not to start a business.


HAHA And actually …


Lack of money and lack of time should be exactly the greatest motivators.


That’s exactly why I started in this industry.


So I had more of both!


If you REALLY have a deep desire to succeed, you will find a way, no matter their circumstances.


No matter how down your circumstances are, I can assure you that there were others in worse circumstances that arose to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


The key is to recognize what are the excuses – excuses can be like little demons!


On the surface seem legitimate reasons that prevent you from taking the first step, but in reality is just another excuse.


Do not let excuses rob you what you’re worth!

  Say no and go back to the action.


Remember that it is not what you do for the future that counts but what you do EVERYDAY!

Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira


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