Organize Your Time To Improve Your Productivity

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Who Wants To Earn Money Through Internet Online, Should Organize Your Time Well

Organize Your Time


Because it is easy to get lost with less important things, like sitting all day to check the mail box, chat on facebook and etc, time passes very quickly and you reach the end of the day and did not constructive to your online business in their projects.


You should make a plan of its priorities, plan the daily tasks that will help build your online business.

The first thing to do every day to connect the pc’s with focus on their daily tasks.


Should create a ritual, where every day should do the important things first and then taking some time may make the less important things.

How to Set Priorities for Your Daily Life


1 – The first circle of their priorities are urgent and important things are things that you can not leave it for later , as the words said and importantas urgent , urgent things will generate stress.


2 – According circle things that are not urgent but are important, things that generate results , are thoughtful things you did not do for urgent but important to your plans.

For example write a new article to your blog , it is not urgent , because it will not do if it differs in an hour or tomorrow morning, but it is important you do.

Generate traffic to your website is not urgent but very important is it going to make your sales.


3 – Circulo three urgent but not important things , you were distracted by a phone call or chat , and left to do the important things.


4 – And finally we arrived at the circle that is not urgent and it is not important , it’s a circle that is nice, but it does not bring any results , you see tv , talking about politicians etc , things that are not urgent and does not are important.

You must learn to set priorities in order to increase their productivity.


Must do more than circle two things are those that generate quality results, and depart circles three and four, the things that does not get you virtually nothing.


Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira


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