Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell Thee Who Thou Art

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Tell me who your friends are and …



Tell me who your friendsWith whom you walk makes a huge differ if you walk with drugged then you will end up getting addicted to something, is not it?



Just a quick exercise : what are the 6 people you spend most of your time ? Who is the person you spend the most time ? Who is the second ?


Now I will assume that you already have these people in the head . Now I ask the question you looking at those people who chose where he spends most of the time? You are more and more oriented advisor ?


You are more teachers or more students ? You are more master or deception in connection with these people?


Only you can decide , but if you’re working with this matrial , I think you’ll think it is more master student. What is more oriented to guiding , which is more teacher than student.


It remains to ask one last question ? What is your source ? Where are you drinking ? You have a millionaire neighbor who teaches you how to make money? You have a person who guides you ?

You Searching study to develop its financial independence to work on their own?


You listen cds dvds sees reads books on the subject? Or are you like most which is deviant?


What have those dreams one day become rich one day winning a lot of money! But never did no preparation for this.


People who have gotten rich, who were millionaires, have acquired some information that information changed the financial intelligence of them and began to deal with money in a different way.


If you keep doing what you always did, you will continue to receive all exactly what has so far or even less.


If you want to change financially, you will have to do something different.


I hope this article has helped you to have a different attitude, you can look for sources which can help in this area.


Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira


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