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Want to Make Money ? Then Adopt Attitude From Well In First Serve


Want to Make MoneyWant to make money and accumulate wealth is a perfectly natural and indeed highly desirable.


Money is the force that will give you and your family ‘s standard of living they deserve. Money is the power to help the unfortunate. Money is one way to live life completely.


Censored once for inciting others to make money, the great Shepherd , author of ” Diamonts of Ares ” , said the money was printed the Bible , is the money that builds churches , sending missionaries to the farthest regions of the world that pays your preachers , and there would be many of them you had not wherewith to pay them. “


The person who says he wants to be usually pretty poor on a complex of guilt , or a sense of inadequacy.


It’s like the young man to feel that you can not draw distinction in school , or join the football team , pretend you do not want to have good grades or play football.


Money is therefore a desirable goal . What intrigues is the improper way that many people use to get it . Everywhere to see people with attitude in the first place money . However , these same people always have little money.


Why? Very simple. People who adopt this attitude are so concerned about the money that they forget that it can not be harvested unless they planting the seeds from which it is born.

And the seed of money is good service.

Make Money, Attitude In First Serve Well That Creates Wealth


That is why it is the attitude of first serve well to create wealth. Make a goal and the money will come by itself.


You can not harvest without planting money without planting the seeds that give birth. And the seed of money is good service. Put first the service, and the money will come by itself.


The restaurant focuses on serving the best need not worry about the tips, they will come.

The seller who gives everything he can to a business need not be afraid of losing it.


Here follows a simple but powerful rule that will help you to adopt the attitude of first serve well.


Always give the audience more than he expects to get. Every little extra thing you do for others is a seed of money.


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Vitor Ferreira


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