Ways To Achieve Wealth

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Wealth Building Model


Achieve WealthWealth Everyone wants to earn more money , but people are generally divided into two categories :

Those who bring results after first promised wealth


Those who bring the results first, then others are compensated for later

Let’s explore the two groups in depth.

Those who only move their butts after promised big paychecks acids are more like employees , freshmen , or mercenaries .

There is no right or wrong with this kind of thinking , but consider : you are once again , trading your precious time for money .


Instead of investing your time into an asset that generates money, you spend your time working on something that is the term , wealth limited short and does not give you income long after you have stopped working .


Consider, too , that this type of short-term vision will only produce limited results or temporary at best .



It is evident when an employee is offered a higher salary , more medical benefits and longer vacations , your heart starts pumping faster.



A higher salary does not mean less financial problems . Conversely, when your income goes up , your appointments , your tax bracket and your time spent in your company increases .


The higher your salary, the weaker your position because if your employer is paying a 5 figure income and calls for an emergency meeting , you better run for office , even if you are in the midst of making love with her wife !


I think the best definition of a relation employee / boss can be summarized like this .

An employee will only do the minimum to the boss did not fire him and a boss will only pay the minimum to keep an employee from leaving .


Now Let’s Explore the Other Group , Ways To Achieve Wealth 


There are many creative people , inventors , entrepreneurs and business leaders who fall into this category .

An entrepreneur is someone who always has good ideas .

The first obstacle we must overcome if we are to succeed in the second group is to stop working for money . What does this mean ?

Is not part and parcel of money to have a good financial IQ ?


What I mean by ” stop working for money ” is not working for free .

Rather, it means work, so as to acquire the skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur (or inventor, investor) .


If you do not have the contacts for running a business , where would be the best place to search for contacts ? Of course , customers of your competitor.


How about product knowledge ? Then work with a company that will teach you all the pros and cons of the tricks of the trade .


Afraid to talk to people ? Getting a sales job where you will be forced to talk to many people . It is also a great way to develop perseverance !



Do not you know that the best education you can get in real life ! Not in a classroom .

The bottom line is : not everyone has what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur !


It is not so easy. Many have no perseverance, creative mindset , financial capacity or the people needed to do the job and usually give up too early, before any results can be seen!



When Donald Trump was selecting candidates on The Apprentice , his first task was to go to the streets and sell lemonade ! Many would think that is a degrading task .



But for Donald , it was very important : If you can not even do something as simple as selling lemonade , how on earth can you handle a difficult task like running the Trump Empire ?

Again , let me emphasize :

Want to trade time for money in the short term ?


Trade time and money for a long-term asset that you generate income? ( Even long after you have stopped )

God created us with a brain . All we need do is look around us and observe problems to overcome , because every problem is an opportunity in disguise .


It’s all up to you . You may or may not see results in the short term , but by using our brains and resources around us , we can create true value that others are willing to pay for what we have to offer.

Have a  fantastic day,

Vitor Ferreira



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