What Are Your Goals?

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His Goals, Setting  Your Goals.


Your GoalsWhen starting any business, must always define what are the objectives we seek to achieve.

Knowing the purpose of an activity allows, among other things, flexibility in application and also to identify which actions are wasted effort.

And then once you want something or want to reach another state, feel good about yourself, or for example, in your career, achieve a certain level is convenient and interesting good start by formulating the objective.


The vast majority of people fail in the objectives, because we organize and prepare in order to put them in the hands of others.

Example, if I set that my happiness will only occur when my parents are happy, I am putting in the hands of my parents, my own happiness.

I took my hands and my ability to be able to do something about it.

How do you identify an opportunity?

When we set goals, opportunities are those chances we have to make or achieve our goals sooner.


Without Owning Defined Objectives, Responsibilities What We Do not Take Nothing To Add up On What We aim.

Your Goals

Therefore, the first step, and perhaps most important, is to clearly define the objective in a structure pro-positive. And what does that mean?

Your Goals

Often you define the objectives as follows: I want a job where I did not have to work weekends, ie a negative formulation, whereas a formulation pro-positive would be: I want a job that allows me to have weekends free.Your Goals

And so, my brain and my mind will work for it.

The What Are Your Goals

When I formulate the objective saying that I do not want to happen, my brain gets confused and starts working against myself.

First, you need to think about the job that has the weekends and thus step to find jobs that work only weekend.


Therefore, the first step is important to define pro-positive, ie defining what I want to happen. Your Goals


The law of attraction says that you do not necessarily know how to reach your goals, but you need to identify them in order to make the universe conspire to his side.

Your Goals

Build a frame with pictures representing all the objectives you want to achieve, put that box in a place that you can always look and consider whether their actions are directed at targets placed there.


These reflections will assist you in the most difficult decisions of his career.

Our natural inclinations to certain subjects and themes are great tools to find the purpose.


What arouses curiosity in you is the same that brings more motivation in search of knowledge, learning, discovery and the search for purpose.

Like, where you like to be in five, ten, fifteen years or months?


Write or draw the first thing that comes into your mind and do not let other thoughts or prejudices block your vision. Your Goals


Simply put on paper everything that you see for your future.

Identify Key Concepts In His Reflection Will Help You Find That The Who Want More And The Reasons Why They Want to Achieve Dreams. (Your Goals)


Have A Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira


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