What Says the Rich, What Says the Poor

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Poor Mentality, Rich Mentality


Poor Mentality, Rich MentalityWhere the mentality of poor arises in version Rich Mentality, she comes from a part of our brain . Where it filters everything we see, feel , and through them .

What do you mean this filter Heed all you have around you , will be a lot of things right !

Imagine that there are two parts . We will not pay attention to everything going on around us ! Because if we were crazy we were so soon .


And so you will pay attention to what you are focused .

You will not watch if you are breathing it is flashing , if your heart is beating , if the socks are pulled up , the stuff you do not watch .

But the most interesting thing that feeds your brain is you , if you ‘re looking for new books to your mindset , if you are looking for new ideas , new opportunities , it will fetch it for you .


If you read a book you learn about money , about investments , naturally you will be walking down the street and you will see these opportunities .
Now if you are at home watching tv , watching movies , watching soap operas and drama, you will feed your brain with all that.


So will forever walk the streets in fear , fear of being mugged , see bad people , afraid to steal your money , and when an opportunity comes your lightning will not capture , will not see .


Difference Mentality of the rich, the poor Mentality


Will only see war, crime, bad people, good people will stay out of your radius.
The mentality of poor starts the year saying he did not have money for investment.


And so you are putting this information in mind, you do not have money, so will only see the opportunities that loses money, good opportunities will not get to see because its radius will not achieve such good opportunities.


So I advise you feed your brain with good information, positive, motivating, and good opportunities will appear for you too.

Should feed your brain with books, go to meetings for learning, make interesting courses, interesting place to grow things in your head. Turn off the TV and read a book.


Some Differences Between the Rich and the Poor


    Rich is committed to being rich

    The poor would be rich


    Rich enters the money game to win .

    The poor enters the money game to not lose .


    Rich uses interest rates to your advantage .

    The poor uses interest against him , because he wants everything now .

    The rich wonder rich people and takes them as examples .

    The poor hate rich people and takes them as examples of bad character .


    The rich approaching successful individuals .

    The poor prefer friends who like him are financial difficulties and are losers.


    The rich investment studies and make plans .

    The poor man says he has no time for these things .


    The rich pay yourself first .

    The poor pay others first.


    Rich identifies the rich for their financial education.

    The poor identifies someone as rich material goods that displays .


    Rich focuses on the solution.

    Poor focus on the problem.


    The rich put their money to work hard for it .

    The poor work hard for your money.


Have A Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira


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