Why You Should Be Friendly At All Times

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Why Should Be friendly


 Friendly A good leader consist of the ability to do more than their obligations.

Do more than expected, sincerely, will earn the loyalty and respect of all.


“Do not settle for just doing his duty. Do more than that.

The horse that wins the race is the one that cuts the neck one goal ahead. “


Unfortunately, we start from the wrong assumption that sympathy is synonymous with ingenuity and that if we affable others will pass us the leg. However, power and respect are not mutually exclusive.

May have more immediate effects and will certainly be easier to drive with an iron hand, since it reduces any possibility of dialogue and negotiation, but on the other hand, you lose the valuable opportunity to share and exchange new ideas. friendly  


All major vendors, the present or the past, have something in common, a huge capacity for relationship. Accept failures and slovenly someone we admire, but we are not so lenient with someone rude or arrogant.


Get Started Today to Change Your Posture, Be the friendly in Person


List three things you could do to surprise and delight someone who is important to you.

In the professional context, write down three things you could do to satisfy their customers and improve their relationships with their suppliers.

Does not have to be anything extraordinary, the secret lies in the small details. Make at least one day.


Form of Being friendly is Doing More Praise


Just as people hate being criticized, they love to receive compliments. But not any kind of compliment, if they are false or unearned you will pass by boring or simulator.

People like to receive credit for what they do well and strive to do. Thus remember to talk to someone she does a good job of saying someone is cute when she was tidying etc. People not only like they need it. When you give people want it, in case recognition, get in return what you want: recognition, admiration, friendship etc. friendly


Have a fantastic day

Vitor Ferreira

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