You Are Doing What Ever Dreamed?

by Vitor Ferreira on

in Personal Development

Your Dream Child!


Your Dream Child!When you’re a kid, everything becomes simpler than it seems, their dreams, travel the world, be the person of your dreams.


And when you believed these dreams permanes up with you for a long time, some will continue for a long time, others may even come true.


But this has to respond to a small question, what do you wanna be when you grow: doctor, astronaut, entrepreneur!


It is from this point getting your vision, it is through her that her future begins to be drawn is that it turns into something totally crazy plan possible.


With you will be no different! You can create things that nobody else can create, achieve things that no one else can reach, be the discoverer of a new era, the dream job, the perfect family and why not travel through the space, do not need to be an astronaut, or doctor.


But try to start again, start from scratch , do differently , do what you like. By now you may even be that has not done anything special , has his work up early , buy your schedule , but you can get something out of it , gaining humility have responsibilities .


Their plans for the future ? Standing still will not bring any innovative result , do not whine about your luck , do not be ashamed of doing the work is what you order .


Can I give you a Dream Board ! try , runs behind his desires every day, choose to do what they like , not just what you back money, it will come naturally from their efforts .



Be true to your values ​​, make love and be the best at what you do . Remember you are solely responsible for their fate .

We are all capable of being and doing . Do not let do for you , err and err again , and gain experience through error .


Do not be so hard on yourself , and when everything seems to be difficult to come back again to be a child without fear of answering one simple question : what do you want to be as grow.


Always keep a dream in front of you to not feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied with what you got. Training awakens their dormant potential .



All what we have to do, can and will be achieved .

Training is determination, focus , discipline , does not suffice , read understand or agree , have to practice .


Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira


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