You Follow Who is Who Have Failed or Success

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Who Follows You to Success, Who Are Your Mentors?

Success Failure

This principle is in operation every day in professional sports around the world.

The best athletes are the ones who earn the highest salaries . They are also the more money you charge for advertising .


This same principle is present in the world of business and finance .


Whether you are an entrepreneur , independent professional or distributor network marketing , or if you win by committee , whether employed or are living from rents of real estate, stocks or other investments : the better your performance in your area the more you earn .


This is another reason why it is mandatory if you continually educate and qualify.


As for learning , it is worth noting that the wealthy not only continue to learn how to make a point to instruct those who are already where they want to reach .


Rich people counseled with individuals who are richer than they are. Who has a poor mindset seeking guidance with friends , which in general are in a financial situation as difficult as yours.


It’s absurd . If you wanted to climb Everest , hire a guide who had never reached the top of that hill ? Would not it be smarter to look for someone who has already reached the top several times and knew exactly how to do this ?


Therefore , I am , yes , suggesting that you take a lot of attention and energy to learn continuously and at the same time, choose carefully the person that will provide you knowledge and advice .


And so if you instruct who will do well , are consultants , advisors or sailplanes , the only thing you’ll learn is how to fail.


 Just as there are ways to climb Everest successfully , there are routes and proven to create high yields , financial freedom and wealth strategies. You have to be willing to learn them and use them.

I suggest you to deposit 10% of their incomes on account of financial literacy. Intended that money specifically for courses, ebooks, audio, or videos or any other means that allows you qualify, either in the formal educational system, either in reputable companies in training and personal guidance.

The more you learn, the more you earn. Believe it. (I commit to learning and growing all the time).

To compromise their growth.

Every month, at least read a book or attend a course or seminar on money, business and personal development. Your knowledge, your confidence and your success will thank you.

Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira



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