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You In Action, which can happen


You In ActionSmall example : Suppose you ‘re hammering a nail . Your goal is to get the nail into the wood , the current situation is you with the nail in one hand and the hammer in the other.

You have an internal script , a strategy to give some hammering with a certain force .

You give the first hammered , observes the result : barely penetrated the nail tip .

And with this information you check that the wood is harder than imagined , and gives another hammering , this time stronger . The nail rather than penetrate folds .

So this example demonstrates what can occur in everyday life : we can not always accurately predict what are the behaviors that lead to the results we desire.

Exactly this occurs mostly with things and people, with their ability to choose and change .

The unexpected is therefore something you can expect to happen !

The conclusion is that although we have installed and available standardized strategies for implementation , decide the best strategy or combination of strategies to be implemented is something that is done all the time .

For this we need to be paying attention to the results of what we do and we need to decide when appropriate.


Direct the attention

Attention may be directed by what we want. If you just want to know what’s there, attention is directed to all objects and things and if we draw, we need to observe fine details of the picture, regardless if there are less things or objects.

This ability to direct attention has two important consequences. First, create the phenomenon of disposal information. To pay attention to something, eliminate other things.


Decision Strategies

Although we have no goals and values ​​effectively force us to do anything we can to stay static for the rest of his life.

We have decision strategies, which provide us with alternatives and criteria, but the added element of personal will still be necessary.

Faced with an obstacle, for example, can be generated the option of quitting or various alternative solutions.

And as we have seen, the only time that can happen is a decision in the present. Not seem to make much sense to choose yesterday or tomorrow.


We Choose Emotions?


The vast majority of people leave their brains show, randomly, the images you want, and react feeling good or bad for them.

And Now think of something unpleasant, that make them feel bad. Darken the image, increasingly

If you lower the brightness enough keepsake, she no longer bother them. And with that, everyone can save a lot of money spent on psychotherapy.

I believe we can not choose emotions directly, but we can choose the internal representation and structure them so that provoke emotions we want.

Imagine the possibility for there to be strategies for this purpose, in which we have unconscious competence!


Think of some goal. How do you feel about him?

Now think of something you have to do. What are you feeling?

Develop alternative actions and make the final decision. Check if there are emotions involved.

Have a Fantastic Day

Vitor Ferreira


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