You know, The Rich Do not Work For Money

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Do not Work For Money-Work To Learning

MoneyOne of the reasons the rich get richer, the poor poorer and the middle class struggles with debt is that it is not money or taught at home or in school.

Many of us learn about money from our parents.

What can one say about the poor father money to your child?


And so He says simply: “Stay in school and study hard.”

The child may graduate with excellent grades, but with a funding and a poor person mentality.

This was learned by the child at their young age.

There are rules and rich hair followed the rules followed for hair other 95% of the population – said. – And 95% learn these rules at home and at school.


That’s why today is so risky to say to a child, simply, “Study hard and look for a job.”

Today a child needs a more sophisticated training and the current system is not meeting this need.

If you look at the lives of people of average education, hardworking, you will see a similar pattern.


The child is born and goes to school. Parents are proud because the child excels, take good notes or high and can enter university.

Gets the job maybe a doctor or lawyer.

The Money is not taught in schools.


The schools focus on academic and professional skills but not the financial skills. moneyMoney

This explains why doctors, bank managers and smart meters that had great grades when students have financial problems throughout his life.


Our impressive national debt is due largely to politicians and public officials who take highly educated financial decisions with little or no training in the area of money.


Simply because it is easier to learn to work for money, especially if fear is the primary emotion when it comes to discussing money.


Just know that it is fear that makes most people work in a job. The fear of not paying the bills.

The fear of being sent away.

The fear of not having enough money. The fear of starting over.

This is the price to learn a trade or skill and then work for the money.

Most people become a slave to money … and get angry with the boss.


Just know that it is fear that makes most people work in a job. The fear of not paying the bills. The fear of being sent away.


Learn how to make money work for us is to study a lifetime. Most people gets four years in college and then complete the studies.

I know that my study of money will continue throughout my life, simply because the more I know, the more I discover that I have to learn yet.


Most people use fear and greed against themselves. This is the beginning of ignorance.

Most people spend their lives behind counter checks, pay raises and job security because of these emotions of desire and fear, not really questioning where those thoughts are driven by emotion the taking.


You Know Money is the carrot, the illusion.


It’s like the story of the donkey that moves the car while its owner is dangling a carrot in front of your nose.

The donkey’s owner may be going where you want to go, but the donkey is chasing an illusion. Tomorrow there will only be another carrot for the donkey.

What increases the fear and desire is ignorance.


And why rich people with lots of money often have more fear as they get richer.

Money is the carrot, the illusion.

If the donkey could understand the whole context, he might think twice before going out chasing the carrot.

The main cause of poverty or financial difficulties is in fear and ignorance, not the economy, or the government or the rich.


“The poor and middle class work for money. The rich make money work for them. “

If you have not read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki advise reading.


Have a Fantastic Day,

Vitor Ferreira


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