Comfortable Or Uncomfortable Zone What Your Choice?

by Vitor Ferreira on

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Which Side Your Life Zone Comfortable Or Uncomfortable?


Comfortable Or UncomfortableIf so, you want to be rich and successful, it’s learning to feel good with the discomfort.

Practice consciously be in the discomfort zone and do what gives you fear.


Even if no one ever died of discomfort, the aspiration for comfort has killed more ideas, opportunities, actions and growth than anything else in this world.


So if your goal in life is to feel comfortable , I guarantee you two things: first , you’ll never be rich , and second, will never be happy.


Happiness is not achieved with a more or less satisfying life , where we spent the whole time wondering what else could have happened .


Happiness comes as a result of being in our natural state of growth and living the most of our potential.


Try to do the following . The next time that you feel uncomfortable, intimidated or undecided , rather than cower or retreat in safety , go ahead .


Observe and experience the sensations of discomfort sensations are just recognizing that – unable to stop him . Insisting tenaciously despite the discomfort , you will eventually reach your goal .


No matter if the discomfort does not subside. In fact , if that happens , think of this as a sign to raise its target , because the moment you feel comfortable , you will stop growing .

Again, to advance to the maximum of its potential , it is necessary that you live on the edge of its possibilities .



And, as we are creatures of habit, it is necessary to practice.


Practice act in spite of fear, inconvenience and discomfort – and act when you are not willing to do that .


Thus , you will rapidly to a higher level of life . In the process, be sure to regularly check your bank account because, I assure you , it will be growing very quickly too.


Learn to train and manage one’s own mind is the greatest gift that one can have in life, both in terms of happiness and success .


Notice how your mind regularly produces unfavorable to its wealth and happiness thoughts . When you identify such thoughts , begin consciously replacing them with ones that strengthen the way.


Determine that from now on, their thoughts no longer govern , you are their leaders .


From now on , your mind is no longer the captain of the ship : you are the captain and his mind is under his orders .


You can choose your thoughts .


 You have the natural ability to dispose of, at any time , every thought that is not favorable .


And , at any time , you can also install empowering thoughts , simply opting to stay focused on them . You have the power to control your mind .


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